‘Two Guys Walk Into A Humidifier Store….’

Our Why

Every house should have a humidifier, but not every humidifier should be in YOUR home. We aim to separate the wheat from the chaff and give you expert advice about humidifiers.

Too often, we are contacted by folks who are having trouble with their humidifier unit. We want to make sure you get the best humidifier for your needs, rather than whatever the latest fad is.

Why Trust Us

Our recommendations are backed up by extensive research and testing.

We push humidifiers to their limit and see how they perform over an extended period, allowing us to paint a more accurate picture before you make your buying decision.

The HumidifierGuys Guarantee

When you think ‘HumidifierGuys’, think:
Extensive testing and research process
Impartial reviews
Years of experience in the humidifier industry

What We Believe In

Impartial Reviews

Here at Humidifier Guys, we have a stringent testing and review process. We also have high standards and EVERY manufacturer is held to the same

No Fluff

We want to give you the most accurate information before you make a purchase. Our reviews cut out the marketing fluff and give you actionable advice

Long Term Experience

You can’t judge a humidifier’s performance and reliability in an hour! That’s why we prefer to give long term reviews that show you what the humidifier will be like a couple months down the road

Meet The Guys

Hugo Alais
HumidifierGuy No.1

Find out more about Hugo here or view his personal website here.

Stephen Christopher
HumidifierGuy No.2

Find out more about Stephen here or view his personal website here. Or Find out more on his author page.