Stephen Christopher

Humidifier and Dehumidifier Expert
Humidifier Maintenance

Stephen Christopher

Humidifier & Dehumidifier Expert


  • Expert Reviewer: With hands-on experience, Stephen has tested and reviewed countless humidifiers and dehumidifiers, making him a go-to expert in the field.
  • Diverse Writing Portfolio: From his personal blog to platforms like Online Book Club, Medium, and Triathlon Budgeting, Stephen's insights on humidifiers and dehumidifiers are widely recognized.
  • Professional Writer: With a background in banking and a stint as a mortgage broker, Stephen's diverse experiences enrich his writing, making it relatable and trustworthy.


Stephen Christopher is not just a writer; he's an enthusiast. His passion for humidifiers and dehumidifiers is evident in every piece he pens. He firmly believes in hands-on experience and ensures that he uses the products he reviews in his daily life. This approach, combined with his genuine enthusiasm, makes his reviews authentic and invaluable for anyone looking for a humidifier or dehumidifier. Living in Thailand, Stephen has a unique perspective on the importance of maintaining the right humidity levels. Outside of his professional life, he's an accomplished marathon runner and has an extensive background in banking.


While Stephen's primary education revolves around his professional writing career and his time in the banking sector, it's his real-world experience in reviewing humidifiers and dehumidifiers that truly sets him apart. He believes that there's no substitute for hands-on experience, and this philosophy is evident in the depth and authenticity of his reviews.

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