Where’s The Best Place To Put Your Humidifier?

This article recommends the best place to put your humidifier for optimal performance and efficiency. 

Humidifier placement is extremely important if you want to get more effective humidification. 

You don’t need to be a rocket scientist to figure it out, but there are a couple things to keep in mind when positioning a humidifier. 

Place your humidifier in the wrong spot, and you risk damaging your health and your home! 

So if you don’t want to deal with mold, damaged furniture, and various health concerns, place your humidifier in the correct spot!

We highly recommend using the 3,2,1 approach to humidifier placement: At least 3 feet away from you, 2 feet off the ground, and 1 foot away from walls and furniture; more on why below. 

Keep reading for more of our thoughts on the best place to put your humidifier. 

The Best Place To Put Your Humidifier

If you were looking for a quick recommendation, the best place to put a humidifier is a nightstand, desk, or shelf. We’ll get into more detail as to why in a little bit, but put simply, all of these places meet the 3,2,1 requirements, making them ideal places to put your humidifier. 

But if you want to go a bit more in-depth, where you place your humidifier will depend on various factors, such as the size of the room, how capable your humidifier is, and the specific features it has. 

Why Humidifier Placement Matters

You might think that the best place to put a humidifier is just the nearest table with enough space. In reality, you need to give a fair bit of thought to where you place a humidifier. 

This is because a well-placed humidifier works better, humidifies your space more effectively, and also prevents damage to both your health and your surroundings. 

For example, if a humidifier is placed too close to wood furniture, you might notice the furniture warping or deforming due to high humidity. Alternatively, a humidifier that’s too close to you could cause discomfort over long periods. 

So it makes sense to do a bit of planning before deciding on the best place to put your humidifier. 

Factors That Influence Placement 

Where you put your humidifier will depend on the exact features and capabilities of your particular unit, but also the space you want to humidify. 

Room Size

The size of the room or space you want to humidify will largely dictate where you place the humidifier. Your humidifier can only humidify a certain maximum area, and will be ineffective for anything larger than that. 

For example, smaller units are usually rated to cover somewhere around 200 sq-ft of space effectively. Larger units, on the other hand, may be capable of humidifying more than 750 sq-ft. 

That means, if you have a smaller humidifier in a larger room, you’ll have to put it closer to you in order to feel any kind of humidification effect. 

Mist Volume and Speed

Another thing to consider is the mist speed and volume your humidifier is capable of. Similar to the coverage, this will influence where you put your humidifier. 

In a nutshell, humidifiers that can output higher mist volume, at higher speeds, will humidify a given space faster. The mist volume on most humidifiers ranges from 50 ml/hr to 500 ml/hr and higher. 

The higher the mist volume, the higher (and faster) you can raise the humidity. So if your humidifier isn’t really capable of very high mist volume, you might have to put it closer to you. 

Nozzle Adjustability 

A lot of the best humidifiers we see have an adjustable nozzle. This lets you direct the mist to a specific spot in your space. Adjustable nozzles are especially useful on larger units, which are bound to be heavier and more cumbersome to move around than smaller ones. 

The adjustable nozzle lets you easily direct the mist to a particular part of the room, so that humidification is stronger in that area. 

Adjustable nozzles give you a lot more breathing room for where you can place the unit. 

Where To Put Your Humidifier

So where exactly should you place your humidifier? 

Well, it’s quite simple if you use the 3,2,1 rule. Here, you place the humidifier at least 3 feet away from you, at least 2 feet off the ground, and at least a foot away from furniture, walls, and any fixtures around your room.

But what’s the significance behind this rule? 

3 Feet Away From You

By now, you should know that putting a humidifier too close to your person isn’t the best idea. This is even more true if you use the humidifier while sleeping. 

Putting a humidifier too close could become uncomfortable and cause a variety of issues. Over longer periods, the high humidity very close to a humidifier can cause breathlessness, and even coughing, which you might be trying to counter with the humidifier in the first place. 

High humidity increases ambient temperature, which can lead to sweating. Excess sweating can cause your body to dehydrate. It’s an extreme scenario, but still possible. 

A lot of humidifiers boil water to create warm mist. So putting a humidifier too close to your person also poses a serious burn risk. 

2 Feet Off The Ground

Elevating your humidifier is a great way to help it run more effectively. Putting the humidifier at least 2 feet off the ground allows air flow to diffuse mist more easily. At the same time, we wouldn’t recommend putting the humidifier higher than 4 feet off the ground. 

Elevating the humidifier is a great way to make it perform better, but too much elevation could be counterintuitive. By putting it too high up, you run the risk of excess humidity ruining your ceiling.

1 Foot Away From Furniture, Walls, and Other Fixtures

Finally, putting the humidifier at least a foot away from your room’s walls, furniture, and any other fixtures prevents them from getting damaged by excess humidity. 

Very high humidity doesn’t gel well with wood furniture, paint, or wallpaper. But putting the unit at least a foot away from these is more than enough to keep them safe from damage. 

‘But you just said that putting the humidifier any higher than 4 feet off the ground might be enough to cause damage to the paint on the ceiling. Surely, putting the unit a foot away from walls isn’t enough?’

The thing is, most humidifiers have their nozzles pointing upward, which is why we don’t recommend elevating the unit more than 4 feet off the ground. As for walls, the mist nozzle won’t be pointing directly at the wall, so keeping the unit a foot away is more than enough. 

If you follow the 3,2,1 approach, you can easily find the best place to put your humidifier. 

Best Place To Put A Humidifier In A Baby’s Room

Humidifier placement becomes even more important when you’re putting it in a baby’s room. 

Here again, we recommend using the 3,2,1 rule, but with some tweaks. For one, we recommend putting the unit a bit further away from where the baby sleeps or plays; at least 5 feet.

As for elevation, putting the humidifier higher up eliminates the risk of it getting knocked over by your baby. However, putting it too high could cause damage to paint, especially if your baby’s room has a lower ceiling. 

Here, we recommend putting double sided tape or similar adhesive on the bottom of the unit to keep it from getting knocked over. 

Finally, if you want to keep the paint or wallpaper looking pristine, 1 foot is still the go-to. 


Finding the best place to put your humidifier isn’t as easy as you might think. There are a lot of things to consider, and finding the perfect place will depend on various factors. 

In fact, the performance and features of your particular unit come into play. If your humidifier isn’t the most powerful, it will need to be placed closer to your person. Alternatively, if it has features like an adjustable nozzle, and mist levels, they can be leveraged to give you better performance in different spots. 

And while the 3,2,1 approach works well for most cases, you might have to make adjustments based on your particular space, humidifier, and settings. 

Finally, if you are setting up the humidifier in a baby or child’s room, it is best to be on the safe-side and child-proof your setup.


Shawn Willis is all about humidifiers. After working for some of the biggest names in the industry, he started HumidifierGuys with Scott Dawson. Now, the dynamic duo helps others figure out what they need in their next humidifier.

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