An Honest Review of Pelonis Dehumifier’s

Our Verdict

Pelonis dehumidifiers strike a fine balance of features, performance, and build quality. Their dehumidifiers offer sturdy design that is meant to last. Overall, they’re one of our favourite brands of dehumidifiers.

This is our review of Pelonis dehumidifiers.

Here, we consider all of the different things that go into choosing a dehumidifier and apply them to Pelonis branded units to see how they stack up against the best.

Generally speaking, Pelonis makes one hell of a nice dehumidifier unit. This brand is backed up by (de)humidifier giant Midea, so you can rest assured that they know what they’re doing.

As for the dehumidifiers themselves, Pelonis units offer a great balance of features, performance, and value.

We’ve been reviewing dehumidifiers longer than we can remember! And with a couple months of usage experience across multiple Pelonis dehumidifier models, we have some thoughts.

Keep reading for more of our thoughts on Pelonis dehumidifier.

Product Overview and consensus

Pelonis dehumidifiers strike a fine balance of features, performance, and build quality. Their dehumidifiers offer sturdy design that is meant to last, a ton of really convenient features, and impressive performance, all at a fraction of the price of similarly performing options.

  • Various capacities available
  • Well-built units
  • Ergonomic design
  • Features such as grab handles and casters
  • Easier portability
  • Coverage ratings ranging from 1500 to 4500 sq-ft
  • Continuous drainage via a drain hose
  • Quick removal of moisture
  • Energy Star certified
  • Washable filters
  • Auto-defrost mode
  • Noticeably higher operating noise with higher fan settings

At A Glance

Pelonis dehumidifiers have a lot to like. They come in various different sizes and capacities. The design is simple, but not completely devoid of flair. We especially like how energy efficient these dehumidifiers are, and also the fact that they come with most features reserved for premium units at a not-so-premium price! 


Pelonis dehumidifiers have a clean, understated look that fits right in with most different home decor. The plastic used for these units is high quality and we’ve never had any problems with the units breaking or experiencing other quality of build issues. 

All of the models come with grab handles and casters that make the whole unit that much more portable and easy to transport around a space. 

We aren’t the biggest fans of Pelonis’ approach to the control panels on their dehumidifiers. They are plenty easy-to-use and the controls themselves offer a fair bit of customization options. Our problem is with the digital displays these units use, as they are pretty small and don’t really show you much info. 


When it comes to the capacity of their dehumidifiers, Pelonis gives you a wide variety to choose from. Which one you choose will depend on how humid your space is and how quickly you want to remove moisture. 

As such, Pelonis makes dehumidifiers capable of removing upto 20, 30, 40, 50, all the way up to 60 pints per day! That means no matter the size or relative humidity of a space, you can find a unit that works. 


Pelonis dehumidifiers offer varying levels of coverage. The smaller units can easily manage up to 1500 sq-ft of space, while some of the larger units bump it up to 4500 sq-ft of space or more. 

In our experience, if you use a Pelonis dehumidifier in the appropriate-sized space, it works better than its rivals.  But the real standout feature is how consistent the effect is over the entire space. 

This is important, since you may not always be able to place the dehumidifier in the most central location. But no matter where you put Pelonis dehumidifiers in a room, they offer very good performance, removing moisture from even the farthest spots with ease. 


One slight drawback of Pelonis dehumidifiers is that they tend to be a tad on the slow side. To be fair, we only really noticed this problem on the smaller units, and it was pretty easily remedied by using the higher fan speed settings. 

In fact, the speed of the larger units is perfectly adequate if not even better than what you might expect. And the ‘turbo’ mode on most of these units ramps up fan speed so that you get lightning fast dehumidification of an area. 


Pelonis’ dehumidifiers have pretty good efficiency. They do not draw nearly as much power as some competitors tend to, and we never noticed any unexpected spikes in the power bill. 

The largest units will of course need a bit more power to do what they do, but even here, we found these units to be a bit more economical than competing brands. A lot of Pelonis’ lineup is certified by Energy Star, making it that much easier to recommend. 


All of Pelonis dehumidifiers have the option of continuous floor draining via a drain hose. Besides that, manual draining is also made easier thanks to the front-loading design of the water tank. 

This is a drawer style water tank that allows you to remove the reservoir without having to take the whole unit apart. 

Noise Levels

Noise levels are a bit of a mixed bag. You will not hear these dehumidifiers make so much as a peep at low fan speed settings. And the larger models seem to be completely immune to high operating noise. 

And while the same applies to most of the lower end of the lineup as well, we did notice that using the ‘turbo’ mode or even very high fan speeds can result in a bit more noise in smaller capacity units. 

This shouldn’t concern you too much if you only use the dehumidifier for general stuff. But if you like to sleep with the dehumidifier running, we recommend buying one of the larger units to get the best experience. 

Special Features

Pelonis dehumidifiers come with a bunch of really cool features that make the whole experience that much more convenient and easy. 

For one, a lot of the lineup has washable filters, so you don’t have to buy replacements ever again. Washable filters are also a bit better from a hygiene perspective, since they can be cleaned more often and more thoroughly. 

The timer can be configured to automatically turn the unit on or off according to the user’s schedule. 

These dehumidifiers have smart sensing technology that lets them automatically shutdown when the tank is full, preventing overflow and leakage. 

Similarly, auto-defrosting on these dehumidifiers means you don’t run the risk of damaging the sensitive internal components. 

Who’s It For?

Pelonis dehumidifiers are for the folks who want the best of all worlds. High performance? Check. Sturdy and reliable design? You bet. Cool features? Sure thing.

Pelonis Dehumidifier Alternatives

If the Pelonis dehumidifiers don’t float your boat, there are some other manufacturers you can look to. 


Like we mentioned, Midea is the company that owns the Pelonis brand. This means there is a lot of overlap between the two product lines, especially when it comes to stuff like the build quality and features. 

The performance figures might vary a bit, as would the price. But Midea is still a great alternative to Pelonis dehumidifiers. 


Homelabs dehumidifiers are another great choice if you want the highest performance. These dehumidifiers use higher end components and designs to offer better, faster dehumidification. Their lineup also has a lot of the same features as Pelonis, so if you liked the one, you’ll like the other too. 

Summing it up

Pelonis dehumidifiers have a lot to like. They are well-built and reliable, the performance leaves little to be desired, and they give you the best bang for your buck of any dehumidifier we’ve tested.


Shawn Willis is all about humidifiers. After working for some of the biggest names in the industry, he started HumidifierGuys with Scott Dawson. Now, the dynamic duo helps others figure out what they need in their next humidifier.

Shawn is an avid sports fan, motorcycle enthusiast, and has two dogs named Whiskey and Boba.